welcome fellow pizzian

To Do

•add flash warning to front page

•add more songs to the chat page

•learn how to get rid of the blank space in the marquees

•redo chat room

•add links to my spotify playlists

•Make Shrine pages

•add links to my socials

•add a gallery section

•Make a credits page

•redo chatroom

•finish shrines

•add custom cursors for each page

•add tab icons to every page

•stop adding things to the assets folder and GO TO BED


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Hi! I'm Pizzalover669! My birthday is Dec 2nd. I have diagnosed ADHD and Im Bisexual. I am the creator of the project "Bittersweet" and co creator of "Highskhool Dropoutz"!

My current mood tbh:The current mood of pizzalover669 at www.imood.com

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